What are the cautions you should trek while trekking in Nepal

Nepalese are traditionally warm and friendly and treat foreigners with a mixture of curiosity and respect. ‘Namaste’ which is hello, how are you is a universal greetings. Most Nepalese speaks some English but smiles and gestures work well where language is a barrier. Always double check when you asking for a information or direction. Nepalese hate to say ‘no’, they give you their individual versions of answers. Pay attention while visiting Temple. For purity sake you are not allowed to wear leather stuffs when entering temple or Buddhist monastery. Removing shoes and asking permission before photographing inside temple or festival and ceremonies is another consideration you should take. Always best to ask before taking photos specially women who are shy and do not want to appear in mass media.

Environmental consideration is another area you should be aware. Nobody likes littering. Most important is dress and behavior and here are things you should consider:

1. Nudity – not acceptable, too short dress and revealing body parts are offensive

2. Public displays of affection like long tongued kiss, massaging body are offensive

3. Do not give stuffs like candy, money, balloon,  it encourages kids to beg

4. Do not leave your valuable items unattended, all your valuable items should be with you all the time. Once forgotten to pickup most probably it is gone. So pay attention.

5. Do not tease women or girls for bad intension

6. Do not over drunk as this leads to conflict if you cannot controlled your tongue or body

7. Do not argue, better take help from your friends or guide. Nepalese are fairly good at judging and will protect you if you are on the truth side. We don’t mean politicians.

8. Do not exploit anybody

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