Tiji Festival in 2023

Tiji Festival is an annual event and a famous festival at Lo-Manthang of Upper Mustang in Nepal. This Festival is celebrated for three days in the Mustang district of Nepal. This festival falls at the end of May according to the local calendar. The festival is believed to be celebrated to dispel the demons and pray for the wellbeing of entire Mustang. Projected date for 2023 is May 16,17 and 18

How is Tiji Festival Celebrated: 

First Day :The first day of the Tiji Festival commences at noon. The locals prepare to start the festival throughout the day. As soon as the festival begins, one can hear loud horn sounds from the Tibetan horns, Dhungchen, and the sound of the double-reeled horns, drums, and cymbals.

The entourage begins from the monastery, which includes local monks and performers. The monks head to the square and sit under the large Thangka (painting) hung on the southern wall of the square. After this, the masked dance "Tsa Chaam'' commences. This masked dance tells the story of Dorje Jono and his victory over evil.

Second Day: The second day of the festival witnesses the monks performing “Nga Cham" dance. The second day tells the tale of Dorje Jono, who tried to return the demon to the Buddha realm. The performance sees female performers in their traditional attire and jewelry coming out to the main square. The second-day performance is the main practice that showcases the generation of celestial palaces and deities. 

Third and Last Day: The third of the Tiji Festival is also the last day of the performance. It commences with the ceremonial music followed by the masked dance called "Rha Chaam.” This dance takes a vibrant beat, and the performance highlights the end of evil. 

As a closing ceremony, all the performers come out, and the scene gets filled with more music, dance, and shooting guns. The monk who enacts Dorjee Sonam throws an effigy made from Tsampa (barley), which represents the demon "Ma Tam Ru Ta.

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