Nepal airports reopens in 17th August, 2020

Nepal Government announced that regular domestic and international flights would be open from 17 August but it looks like this may be revised as nothing is sure in Nepal at the moment. We have been hearing that Kathmandu authorities are meeting regularly to re - imposed restriction on transport to run on odd and even number basis, this was relaxed just few days back after going through the 109 days lockdown.

As per the new and latest guidelines for inbound flights, all passengers are required to have a PCR negative test 72 hours prior to departure, but even if they have that certificate, Nepali passengers and diplomats will have to stay 14 days in home isolation or 7 days in a hotel in Kathmandu after arrival. Tourists and returning overseas Nepalis will have to undergo 7 days in hotel isolation and will be allowed to move about only after another PCR negative test. This is ostensibly to make sure that passengers did not get infected en route. Foreigners need valid Nepali visas prior to boarding because visa on arrival has been suspended for now..

The Government allowed hotels, restaurants, trekking and mountaineering groups to open two weeks ago, confusion about inbound flights have forced most operators to put bookings for the autumn season on hold.