Mountain tourism for the sake of people in Nepal

So far the 18th month has passed and Nepal tourism has stopped completely. Those who had mountaineering in the spring of 2021 were not in big numbers. The plight of trekking guide and porters and their family members have enormous and undesirable. Only questions what they are doing and how they are managing their lives ? When you pick up your phone and dial to them then the sorrowful story begins, not just single one but most of them all. You only can listen and comfort to them.  If there is willingness in government side and feeling for mountain people, Government can ease the procedure to start the tourism.  September is the right time to open up. The low trekking season during the monsoon has just finished with lockdown and the Covid-19 situation is improving in Nepal and other parts of the world. After this lengthy lockdown that have  stabilized the case load somewhat so this could be the real start of mountain tourism.

The Autumn season which is peak season for tourism is just around the corner and one-week quarantine does not help what's so ever reason. Even those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must spend a week in quarantine in Kathmandu before they can move freely around the country is not practical. When the average length of stay of tourists are 15 days, why in the world people want to come to stay a week in quarantine?.

Only vaccinated people allowed to go to the Khumbu:

The administration of the Khumbu region, the area around Mount Everest, has now asked domestic airlines to fly only vaccinated tourists from Kathmandu to Lukla, the gateway to the region. According to the local authorities, 98 percent of those over 18 in the Khumbu are now fully vaccinated. Last spring, there were only few trekking groups in Nepal, but rather many commercial expeditions.

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