Climate change effects emerging in Nepal

25 Aug: Two months ago, heavy rains lashed the settlements around the Nilgiri Himal in Mustang district. The settlements at the foot of the Nilgiri Himal, including Lupra, Marpha, Jomsom, Chairu, Thini and Syang, were badly affected by the rains. Most of the houses with mud roofs have been damaged due to the sudden influx of water in these settlements. The increase in rainfall in the Himalayan region has been linked to climate change. With the rising temperatures in recent years, the mosquitoes found in the plains of the Terai and Madhes have been climbing the hill for almost three decades and the Himalayan region has also become familiar with the mosquitoes for a decade. For the locals who have never heard of mosquitoes in the past, it has become a compulsion to use swings to avoid them. Recent studies have shown that due to the effects of climate change, glaciers are bursting, drying up, and rivers overflowing. A new ice lake has come into existence over the village of Sikles in Kaski after the snow of Annapurna Himal melted in recent years. Another recent example is the impact of the floods on the Chame River in July this year.